chasing you

on your marks!

its been four months sees i laid my  eyes on you.  Everything was moving slowly, i swear it felt like a minute took 61 seconds. I was stunned by the way you look. all natural, from hair to face to nails. Every time i had a glance at you, i just got reminded of the 7 wonders of the world, the UN work in Africa, the economy of Qatar, the mountain and valleys of drakensberg, the Mona lisa…………… everything beautiful.



who is that? i asked my friend. haha he replied. He added” Well that`s for you to find out”. Time was ticking,  i was busy trying to build courage to talk her, you know the normal routine “you can do this”, “whats the worst thing that can happen”. its amazing how a two letter word such as “hi” starts bond so powerful. I moved closer to you, and said”hi””. the more i spoke to more i got comfortable.


Of late i have been trying to spend time with you, i enjoyed your stay even though, you dont talk much and you are very private about  your life. the is something about you that makes me want to be with you, even though i dont know the real you at all.


the is nothing i want more than to be you. Miss ………. i wanna kiss you.




In life the are many things one is good at, and also many that one is worst at.

choose has to be made whether do you improve the things you are good at or do you improve things that you suck? It is tough decision one has to make , because you can never be sure which one is more important than the other.

I am a person of many abilities, i challenge myself always just to see if i am able to master that particular project. Take for example i very good in sport, I can play any kind of sporting code if i want to. I am surprising athletic for a person of my kind of statue. I very good with numbers, memory, quick thinker, can judge your personality from a mile away.

In the 2 decades I have lived in this beautiful earth, the is one thing i always find difficulty, that is obtaining and maintaining relationships of any kind. This issue has been a problem for me for years and i recently recognized that. I am not a person who you can rely on,  i quickly get irritated by people,  but with you SOSO, i feel like i can be with all the time, we dont even have to talk. I can just watch your cute face all the time and never get tired of watching it.

What i trying to say is that i suck at being in a relationship or in fact trying to be in a relationship. In the last 2 days you must have noticed that.

But one thing you must know, I AM TRYING really hard to change that. Every time I let you down, trust me that the mistake is  noted and being rectified. With every mistake i make, to me thats a learning experience.

SO that being said can you forgive me?

What about me?

I have always been a follower, when is my chance to shine? I came across quote that said “if you smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room”.  why cant i leader or outshine for once? these are the thoughts rooming around my mind. I have tried everything i was adviced to do, but nothing is happening, i am still in the same place. Not even hard work is working.

what about me?

my crush

If only this girl knew how much i liked her , she would be acting like she is a 10!!!.  I hate attending lectures but ever since i saw her , i am never late in a lecture, and yes including morning lectures. Man its been two weeks but she got me hooked. Her eyes , Her face , okay this is going to sound weird but she kind of looks like my former teacher i hope one day i would sleep with her.

Dont judge me . she is 5 years older then me.

This girl got me changing the way i dress , talk and even laughing. She is the reason i stay awake in Operations management lecture while everyone is a sleep , including her. I dont want to even want to mention how beautiful she is when she is sleeping , but i am going to do it. i enjoyed  watching her sleep, its like heaven and hell made peace and started working together to create her.

I havent spoken to her her, because my she is always with her friends, its almost like they are guarding her from me. Another reason is well , i am afraid i might say something that would end our marriage, you know the one i created in my mind. And yes we already have kids,  we got married Paris .

Even if the opportunity presents itself , i dont know what i would say to her . i have thought of some reliable lines i heard from my second favorite tv series, How i met your mother.

“have you met Ted”.  while she is walking,  i stand in front of her then be like “are you okay?!, someone help! are you okay? someone please help her”.

but my favorite is “daddy`s home”.

i know that would make me sound like i am a weirdo. i guess i will have to wait for next week monday to see my wife, in my head.

i hope she wears that blue top i like and those blue jeans of hers .